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Last updated: 8/21/2017 8:30:05 AM Central Time
 NameDOBRaceGenderArrest Date
ANDREWS, TYRESE NEKEAL09/17/1999African AmericanMale05/30/2017
BARRERA, RAMIRO 09/30/1986WhiteMale08/15/2017
CHASSON, ERICA LYNN02/09/1980WhiteFemale04/07/2017
FROST, CAROLINE ELIZABETH04/08/1986WhiteFemale08/09/2017
FUSELIER, JASON ALCIDE07/22/1975WhiteMale03/16/2016
HARRELL, KEVIN JOSEPH11/10/1995WhiteMale08/03/2017
LAPOINT, BRITTANY SHEA07/05/1996WhiteFemale08/16/2017
MANNING, JUSTIN TICO05/22/1981African AmericanMale07/16/2015
MASSINGIL, ROLANDO ANTHONY03/30/1988WhiteMale08/14/2017
MUNN, KRISTIN LEE08/08/1988WhiteFemale08/20/2017
OQUAIN, JAMES MITCHELL06/09/1978WhiteMale08/12/2017
RAY, BYRON LEE10/12/1989WhiteMale04/13/2017
SHELTON, RYAN J10/30/1977African AmericanMale08/17/2017
SHILLING, TED C11/17/1972WhiteMale08/20/2017
SMITH, RANDY JOE07/25/1960WhiteMale08/16/2017
THOMAS, ANTOINE DEANGELO11/18/1989African AmericanMale07/27/2017
WEEMS, DANA MARIE11/12/1981WhiteFemale08/05/2017
WEISENFELD, JASON ROBERT06/12/1984WhiteMale08/15/2017
YOUNG, DEMETRICIUS MARCELLE01/06/1977African AmericanMale08/16/2017