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Last updated: 2/19/2018 2:30:18 PM Central Time
 NameDOBRaceGenderArrest Date
AGUILERA, VANESSA MARIE03/13/1994WhiteFemale01/21/2018
ANDERSON, NICHOLAS LENAIRD12/12/1992African AmericanMale01/31/2018
CASTILLE, BRANDON P10/20/1980WhiteMale11/20/2017
DOUBLE, ZAYNE LANDRY01/20/2001WhiteMale01/27/2018
FLORES, CHRIS EDUARDO01/27/2000WhiteMale02/19/2018
FONTENOT, SHANE LEE04/16/1978WhiteMale01/06/2018
GLENN, SHEILA LYNN05/31/1973WhiteFemale02/17/2018
JONES, EDWIN EUGENE07/17/1989WhiteMale02/07/2018
MASSEY, KENNETH JUAC06/05/1978African AmericanMale02/18/2018
NOPE, STEVIE ANN07/25/1996WhiteFemale02/08/2018
PICARD, HEATHER DAWN04/19/1982WhiteFemale02/13/2018
POMES, MARTIN WILLIAM04/16/1998WhiteMale02/16/2018
RAY, BRANDY NICOLE07/16/1986WhiteFemale12/21/2017
STEPHENSON, NICOLAS MATTHEW03/22/1992WhiteMale02/16/2018
WEBB, BRIAN SCOTT09/08/1989WhiteMale01/31/2018
WHITE, TYLER ANDREW08/25/1992WhiteMale11/22/2017